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We are a group of health seeking individuals supporting each other on our journeys to living our lives on our own terms to enhance our quality of wellness, happiness, and purpose. 

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This is a group for our EssentialOils.Life members and website readers. In this free online community, you'll receive and share healthy lifestyle tips including: DIY ideas, product tips, healthy home tips, healthy recipes, healthy cleaning tips, stress management, personal/spiritual development, and essential oil info. 

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A Big Thanks

Thank you so much to Kat, Jasmine, Kate, and Becky, for your continued support and being key encouragers in making this online community happen. We truly appreciate each and every one of you and your wonderful families.

Meet Your Host

EssentialOils.Life is the brain-child of blogger and intuitive coach, Nicole Graber. Nicole developed EssentialOils.Life after simple lifestyle shifts helped support her mind and body through an intense and dramatic healing season where she put a nearly decade long chronic autoimmune and neurological health crisis into full remission. Since then, she has dedicated a significant amount of time, energy, and research into helping more than 100 families achieve the same results. She runs a 6-figure online business devoted to advocating for and teaching about natural wellness and sustainable self care.